About Us

The Egg Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador (Formally the Egg Producers of Newfoundland and Labrador) is a Commodity Board governing the production of eggs.

Each Province of Canada has a provincial egg board comprised of a Board of Directors and a local board office. The Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), formerly the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEMA) is the head office in Ottawa and governs the egg industry. Quota for egg production is allocated by EFC and farm gate price is set by EFC under a Cost of Production (COP). We operate under a Federal Provincial Agreement, with each province having three Signatories to this agreement, the Chairman of the Farm Industry Review Board, The Provincial Minister of Agriculture and the Chairman of each provincial board. The National Farm Products Council is the Supervisory Board overseeing EFC and this board reports directly to the Federal Minister of Agriculture. Each provincial board operates under a levy system. Levies are collected on a per bird basis from each producer in every province and allows for the day to day operation of the local boards and the operation of EFC and all the program therein.

Each Province of Canada is represented at at the EFC level by a Board of Director elected to this position by each Province. The local board administers the day to day operation of the egg industry in their respective provinces.

Our board is comprised of six directors elected by the producers of our Province and a director appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, all for a two year term. Meetings are held approximately every three months on a regular basis, with additional meetings called by the Chairman as required. All meetings are of a formal nature with minutes taken at each meeting.

The Executive Director of the board is responsible for the day to day operations of the local office, the administration of all policy issues which are set by the Board of Directors.

We Proudly Sponsor:

The Egg Farmers of Newfoundland and Labrador also sponsor local sports teams. Throughout the summer we sponsored a Minor League Baseball team competing in the Bantam AAA league in Mount Pearl, providing them with jerseys and gear to help them through their season. EFNL also hosted an egg breakfast for the team, and other teams from the Atlantic provinces, to help the athletes "Start the day off right" before a tournament in September.
This fall, EFNL also sponsored a mens basketball team participating in Division 3 of the St. Johns basketball city league. We set the "Egg Farmers" up with some reversible jerseys to wear during games, and will continue to support them as their season moves into the new year.