Eggciting Projects

Egg Spoon Race

Prepare a race track with clearly defined start and finish lines. Provide each player with a raw egg and a spoon at the start line. Have each player place their egg on their spoon. When everyone is ready, have an official timer start and time the race. The person with the best time and with egg intact after crossing the finish line wins.

To make this race more difficult, pair off players in teams of two, tie their inner legs (in two or three places) with old socks or nylon stockings, and give each of them a spoon to carry with an egg on it.

Egg Drop

The idea behind the "Egg Drop" is to create a "package" that will protect a raw egg when it's dropped from a height of 8 feet (or whatever height you decide).

Invite students to bring in from home any materials that they might use in fashioning a protective cushion for their egg. Students can work individually or in pairs to create their egg containers. You'll be fascinated by the interesting contraptions your students come up with! Students will use everything from bubble wrap and foam peanuts to peanut butter! Some students might even attach parachutes to the packaging if you let them!

Once constructed, students are ready to "drop" their eggs from the appointed height.